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Clean rooms

In production spaces, factories, laboratories, hospitals where either dust or gasses are not allowed to enter or to leave the work space, when under over pressure is required clean rooms will be used. For fire protection purposes we offer a large range of cleanroom hoses and accessories. Our 5/4” welded or threaded hoses can be delivered with a welded (elbow) reducer or threaded reducer with a variable throughput unit, depending on the ceiling system that is in use.

For areas with acid gasses we have a hum duct that will protect the sprinkler against corrosion and leakage. We can offer explosion proof hoses that will protect your data- and power cables against explosions and flames.


We can offer various different steel pipes painted in red, blue, orange and white for the petrochemical, food and agro-industry. Grooved material is deliverable in red or galvanized. Other colors are made by order on customer request. We have a diameter up to 12″ in stock.

Furthermore, we have (butterfly) valves, check valves, flanges and flexible connectors.


Pumps and engines may create shocks, unwanted movements and waves after opening and closing the pumps and gates. This may cause damage to your plumbing system. We can offer you a large product line of bellows, shock-absorbers and pump connectors. On top of this, we have solutions for the protection of your sprinkler conduit with a water hammer cushion or flexible connectors like a loop type expansion joint. These products will absorb unwanted waves and shocks in your system. We have flexible exhaust pipes up to 12”.


In maritime areas products will suffer from salt water. Therefore we offer you stainless steel pipes and couplings for long-lasting use. Where lower priced products like CPVC based products are applicable too, we can serve you any way you want.

On customer request, we can offer you foam fire extinction products if water is not suitable for firefighting purposes.


Whether you need steel pipes or malleable and grooved couplings, sprinklers, valves and flexible hoses we are at your service. Our products have been applied in various prestigious projects in offices, distribution centers, hotels, shopping malls and offices. One of these projects is The Edge which has been nominated as the most sustainable Dutch office in the Netherlands.

For each ceiling system, we can offer you suitable fixing materials and accessories that help you to install flexible sprinkler drops fast and easy.

Residential Buildings

For smaller vulnerable units, we have developed a 2 and 2 ½ ” alarm valve that can be used in combination with galvanized or CPVC tubes and pipes that are connected to the in-house water supply. No additional pump is needed. Smaller concealed and regular sprinklers are offered with a diameter of 3/8” and 1/2“.