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KUBio has designed and build a life science cleanroom for Pfizer in Hangzhou – China. The cleanroom will be opened June 2017. The cleanroom is constructed with modules. In relative short time the cleanroom has been designed and constructed. The use of space is limited, and the project itself is cost-effective. The speed and efficiency the building itself are of a high aesthetic value.

The construction of sprinkler has been affected by the limited available space. Due to the low space between the upper floor and clean room ceiling, current solutions were not satisfactory. Our customer has asked for a workable solution. Based on their product requirement we have developed an elbow sprinkler hose to be connected in shallow spaces (minimum depth 15 centimeters). After approval by our customer, we have produced the newly developed elbow sprinkler hoses in two weeks time and are yet installed in the premises successfully.

Your company can now benefit from this newly developed product as well.

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