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Alarmklep voor plastic- (CPVC) of gegalvaniseerde waterleiding

Alarm valve for plastic- (CPVC) or galvanised pipes

In the past, if you wanted a sprinkler system in your residential home, shop or (small sized) office,  you were obliged to construct a second conduit next to your water supply system. This is an expensive and complex solution for a simple basic need.

We have searched for an alarm valve that can be used in combination with your existing waterworks.  Seung Jin has developed such a valve for small scaled applications. Today we are happy to present this valve to you in the European market.

You can connect 2”or 2½” diameter tubes on your existing plumbing system.  You can use either galvanized or plastic (CPVC) tubes and couplings. You do not  need any additional investments in a new water supply system.

For vulnerable entities, dense populated residential buildings and for risk aware people we have found the ultimate affordable solution to fight fire effectively.

This valve can be installed in a small cabinet 69x40x30 cm.  If you are interested to use CPVC tubes, couplings and fittings, we are happy to serve you.

If you have any questions or remarks please feel free to contact us.


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