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TubeHose guarantees the quality of our products. All our suppliers are ISO9001 certified and we are in the possession of a FM, UL LPCB and/or VdS certificate for fire protection. For maritime and off-shore purposes we have also been accredited by Det Norske Veritas; Germanischer Lloyd and The Korean Register of Shipping.


Grooved couplings and fittings

Our grooved products are made conform to the ASTM 356-45-12 standard and in conformity with the QT450-12 procedure. Grooved material is available in the following coatings: painted, epoxy, dacromet and galvanized. They are available in the colors red (RAL300), orange, white and blue. Painted and epoxy coated products are only suitable for low to medium heated water.

Grooved fittings
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Mechanical tees
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Flexible Hoses

In shallow spaces with low ceilings, barriers like walls, chimneys and cable trays, it might be difficult and time-consuming to fit sprinklers with pipes, tubes and couplings. By using flexible sprinkler drops you can quickly and easily install the sprinkler to your conduit.

Our hoses vary in length from 700 to 1800 mm, either braided (FM/VdS) or unbraided (UL, LPCB). Our hoses have nuts where the sprinkler nipples can be fitted easily. For the sprinkler nipple you have the choice between NPT and BSPT thread, with a diameter of 3/8”, 1/2”; 3/4” and 1”. We have sprinklers nipples in all kinds of sizes ranging from small (65mm) to large (400mm). For standard and special ceilings, we have a large assortment of accessories with the fixing material that can be customized to your demands.

If you need a 100% watertight solution, we can offer you a welded hose. Depending on a minimal friction loss with a 40ft pipe equivalent we can provide hoses with a bigger diameter up to 9/8″ and 5/4″.

For specific applications in laboratories, dust free, microbe-free spaces and low-pressure cabins, we have cleanroom hoses in our assortment. We have suitable connectors for any kind of ceiling to ensure the outlet reducer can be installed quick and easy. If you need a tailor-made reducer, we are happy to design and produce it based on your requirements.

In hazardous environments, you can use our flexible explosion proof hoses to protect your data cables, wires, or flammable fluids. Our hoses are also flameproof.

In non-statical mechanical applications like machine rooms, the movement of machines and pumps can generate all kinds of forces. Torsion, pulling and pushing forces may jeopardize your piping system. Bellows, shock absorbers, springs and water hammers can effectively neutralize these unwanted forces.

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  1. FM approved hoses
  2. Accessories
  3. Cleanroom hoses (in progress)
  4. UL hoses (in progress)
  5. Superflex hoses (in progress)


We are specialized in flanges and offer flanges, fixed flanges, compression or adapter flanges. We are sure that we can provide any flanges that you might be searching for. We deliver the flanges in various versions (DIN, ASTM, STS) in various sizes from DN15 through DN400 (1/2″-16″). For all the flanges we offer, we keep the gaskets and seals in stock for you.

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1. Flanges


Our sprinklers are designed to meet various customer requirements. Instead of a conventional fuse, our glass bulb contains a special liquid. This type of glass bulb simplifies the sprinkler structure and ensures stable operation in various circumstances and temperatures.

Our concealed sprinklers are designed to meet both aesthetic and practical requirements for airports, high-class hotels, shopping malls, offices and sports facilities. The unique design allows sprinklers to be hidden behind a provided cover plate. This plate has a 10mm field adjustment capability providing easy assembly and a tight fit against the ceiling.

Flush type sprinklers are designed to harmonize with any interior design. Because of our precise deflector design and patented heat collecting technology, it has an outstanding fast and accurate performance while also having a small body. Residential type sprinklers are designed to offer a fast response. It provides appropriate discharge and spray patterns to suppress the fire in a residential area. This offers a wider discharge angle that even cover the walls. Mainly installed in apartments, multi-service business centers and houses.

A fusible type sprinkler is a stable and simple sprinkler. These sprinklers are available in a horizontal and vertical version. It offers rectangular spray pattern and is ideal for use in hand-to-install areas such as fire-prevention shutter sections, mechanical parking in buildings/hotels and escalators.

Dry pendent sprinklers are designed for use in special applications such as cold weather environment. It can be used for both a dry and wet system. The design of the sprinkler prevents the accumulation of water condensation in the drop nipple which prevents damage from freezing. It is mainly used in tunnels, parking lots and other cold ambients.

In-rack Sprinklers are developed to operate in places with several levels in the same area. It is mostly used in spaces where water shielding is required such as rack storage facilities. The disc mounted above the heat responding element prevents malfunction by protecting the fuse from sprinkler waters from a higher level which may have been switched on earlier during a fire.

This is our selection of sprinklers:

  1. Standard sprinklers
  2. Concealed sprinklers
  3. Flush type sprinklers
  4. Fusible Sprinklers
  5. Dry pendent sprinklers
  6. In-rack sprinklers
  7. ESFR sprinklers (soon available)
  8. Cleanroom Sprinklers (soon available)

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1. Sprinklers

Malleable Couplings and Fittings

Our malleable couplings, fittings, pipe nipples, socket weld fittings and elbows are available in black or galvanized. Please contact our sales engineers for stainless steel products. We help you on request.

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1. Group 1 through 529a
2. Pipe nipples
3. Weld sockets and fittings

Compensators, check valves and water hammers

When machines are connected to your conduit, unwanted forces and vibrations may cause damage to your system. Torsion, pushing and pulling forces can be absorbed by bellows, shock-absorbers and spirals. Together with our engineers, we can find the ideal solution for you.

By opening or closing valves and pumps, pressure surges and pressure waves may occur. In order to prevent damage to your plumbing system, we can offer you a water hammer cushion or flexible connectors like a loop type expansion joint.

To prevent damage to your data cables or electrical wires caused by explosions, earthquakes and over and under-pressure, we can offer you (flameproof) flexible hoses.

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1. Electricity-Explosion proof hoses
2. Compensators and Expansion Joints

Shutt off, Swing, Check and Alarm Valves

For wet pipe systems in frost-free areas or dry pipe systems in non-heated spaces, we can offer a suitable alarm valve. In the situation where both temperature zones are covered by one sprinkler system, we have a deluge alarm valve or a precaution alarm valve available

You can also come to us for any other valves that you might need. We offer check valves, swing valves, grooved valves and wafer style valves. Please contact our technical department for your concerns and questions.

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1. Valves

Coated Steel Pipes

We can offer you steel pipes with a highly advanced coating that avoids defects on the exterior of the pipe and protects the interior against corrosion. The product performance features are manufactured strictly according to the demand of the GB/T5135.20-2010 standard. We can offer you standard short feet tubes. Based on your construction drawings, we can offer you prefabricated tubes to be installed directly on the construction site.

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1. Coated steel pipe

CPVC tubes and couplings

In light hazardous situations, one may apply Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) sprinkler systems. Both for standard sprinkler and concealed sprinklers. CPVC matches the required fire protection regulation and is a good alternative for metal sprinkler systems. CPVC has a longer expected lifetime of 50 years which is 10 years longer than metal. The interior of the products is smoother than metal which results in a better Hazen-Williams coefficient and lower friction losses. They are easy to install so installation will be fast and CPVC is cheaper than any other material.

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1. CPVC fire protection

Fixing materials

We offer a UL, FM and VdS certified range of fixing materials for sprinkler systems like Clovis hangers, loop hangers FCS, sprinkler pear-shaped hangers, toggle bolts and swivel hangers. For other fixing materials, we can provide you strut rails, base plates, hexagonal wood screws, hexagonal nuts, v-clamps, sleeve clamps and threaded pins. Please feel free to inquire when your desired fixing material is not in our catalog. We have many possibilities to meet your needs.

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1. Fixing materials


In tight co-operation with our customers, we have developed many new applications recently:

  • Super flexible hoses with a diameter from 7/8″ through 5/4″
  • Fast closing brackets
  • Flexible hoses with single or dual-sided grooved ends
  • CPVC adapters for flexible hoses
  • In 2016 we introduced a new ultra-threaded short elbow on the market
  • In 2015 we developed a fixing clamp for shallow spaces
  • We have developed a pre-installable outlet reducer for cooling ceilings