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There is nothing more tricky than a seat of fire in a ventilation duct or exhaust pipe. TubeHose offers a simple product to protect against fire in a ventilation duct: the stainless steal Duct Box, wherein a sprinkler can be installed quickly and easily to any kind of duct. The Duct Box fits on any type of duct or exhaust pipe.

The stainless steel Duct Box, for longer life, is protected against corrosion and is aesthetic recognised by visible application in the catering industry.  If desired we can deliver the Duct Box also in untreated steel or zinc plated steel.


Duct 4                                                  nipple ½”,                         mounted

Suitable for all different applications

TubeHose is a leading supplier of fire safety products in the Benelux. We developed the Duct Box on customers request. It can be installed quickly on any  type of Duct: rectangular or round ducts. Our flexible stainless steel hoses can be connected easily on the Duct Box. The outlet nipples are height-adjustable. A wide range of outlet nipples can be installed from 3/8″ to 1″. No further fixing materials like clamps, brackets or square bars are required. Just connect the hose to the nipple. It saves your effort, time and money.


Duct 5                                           threaded nipple ½”,                 mounted


Easy Inspection

You have the choice between a round nipple or threaded nipple. By unscrewing and by lifting the lid the box can be inspected. A broken sprinkler can easily be replaced and the inside of the Duct Box cleaned without dismounting the whole unit. Applicable in restaurants, food-, dairy-, pharmaceutical- process- and chemical industry.

The price is very moderate. Depending on  number and application, the price varies from € 37,50  to € 45,00.

If you have more questions pease do not hesitate to contact us, our sales team is ready to help you.


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